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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


The GLW Boxes will be delivered with the cover?
Of course. Covers and lids, which are offered as accessories, are meant only for replacement.


Is it possible to use GLW Boxes without drainage holes in the bottom (D-series, i.e. item #: D40) for deep freezing? 
Yes, but when the boxes are frozen, they are very hard to open because of an existing inside vacuum. Therefore we recommend you to use our boxes from the B-series with drainage holes in the bottom (i.e. item #: B40) for an easier handling. 


Is the Label-Holder (Item #: L10) suitable for freezers?
Only for freezer temperature up to -10°C

Is the Label-Holder (Item #: L10) autoclavable?




The website or the pictures do not appear at all or not in the right way. What is the reason?
To guarantee a perfect operation “Javascript” should not be deactivated in your browser. 


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In case you want to use GLW as a supplier and you need the bank data in advance.

Bank details:
Sparkasse Mainfranken Wuerzburg
IBAN (International Bank Account Number):  DE 8879 0500 0000 0170 0228
BIC (Bank Identifier Code):  BYLADEM1SWU


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