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  • Cryo Boxes

    The ideal solution for storing, transporing, freezing and autoclaving your tubes.

    Advanced manufacturing techniques and a sophisticated system allows the affordable production of special box versions.
  • Slide Boxes

    A wide range, as well as a large selection of colours and innovative accessories, characterize our slide boxes.

    The storage of slides and coverslips in special sizes is possible by our dividers ZK20 and ZK25.
  • Freezer Racks

    Your valuable samples require the best possible storage during freezing.
    A shortage of space in your freezer is an everyday annoyance, that's why an optimal  storage is more important than ever.

    We can help you solve your space problems with our storage racks and at the same time find your important samples with help of our identification system.
  • Pipette Cans

    Stable and affordable pipette cans with a lid of aluminium.

    With our system you have the ability to store, transport and sterilize pipettes of varying lengths.
  • Working Racks

    Our Working Racks are suitable for bottles, vials and test-tubes in a wide range from 1.5 ml to 50 ml.

    Unique screw assembly provides superior durability and assured stability. Space efficient designed i.e. for use in the safety cabinet.

    With our supplied Vacuum Cups you will achieve an optimal foothold on a plane desk.

GLW offers a variety of professional tools for storing samples of all kinds. With either storage boxes, slideboxes, stainless steel freezer racks, pipette boxes or racks,
our system does accommodate all your storage requirements. We have unique and hard to find storage solutions for your lab.

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  • ZPS Video

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